Grupa Powen-Wafapomp SA, an expert in pumping technique

Offering comprehensive solutions, turn-key projects, pumping systems and equipment tailored to individual customers' needs based on the product catalogue including 60 pump types.

We are the largest manufacturer of industrial pumps in Poland

We base on our experience of more than 100years which is continuously developed by more than 40 designers using the cutting edge designing technologies.

Our solutions guarantee reliability of power and petrochemical industries in Poland

They are also used in water supply systems. Some of our pumps are operated in the systems for tens of years. Additionally, we offer full service for our products including repairs and modernization.

We cooperate with the leading scientific centres in Poland.

Our efficient manufacturing infrastructure in Warsaw and Zabrze is constantly modernized and fully prepared to manufacture and test pump prototypes. We employ 615 persons in total

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✓ 6 Pieces - Boiler feed pumps

✓ 6 Pieces - Condensate pumps

✓ 6 Pieces - Cooling water pumps

✓ 26 Pieces - Auxiliary pumps


✓ 9 Pieces - Boiler feed pumps

✓ 9 Pieces - Condensate Pumps

✓ 36 Pieces - Auxiliary pumps


✓ 4 Pieces - Boiler feed pumps

✓ 9 Pieces - Condensate Pumps

✓ 9 Pieces - Cooling water pumps

✓ 47 Pieces - Auxiliary pumps

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The turn-key project formula is a response to demand for comprehensive customer service, particularly in large-scale investment projects. This is how we become a partner in project execution.

Our turn-key project offer includes assessment of system condition, development of design and execution of work in all areas, modernization or installation of new, complete pumping systems including adjustment, control and control & measurement instruments and automation.

We supervise start-up and test operation. Each of turn-key projects conducted by us was tailored to individual customer's requirements (e.g. system modernization during continuous operation, special pump versions, provision of solutions to optimize system operation in terms of cost-efficient and effective operation). We respond to the demand for comprehensive management of investment projects with particular attention to solutions which provide savings in operation. A turn-key project conducted in a proper and well thought out manner will ensure significant and measurable reduction of power consumption.


Z-type pumps are designed to operate as boiler feeding pumps in power plants.

They can also be applied in any other industrial application where clean, hot water of pressure up to 230 bar is required.


Horizontal, multistage, ring-section centrifugal pumps designed to handle hot water. The pumps are supported at the axis. Both suction and delivery flanges are directed vertically upwards. Version with the suction flange directed downwards is also available. The axial thrust is absorbed by a balance disk. In order to protect the balance disk during start-up the pumps are equipped with an additional axial Mitchell type bearing, which supports the balance disk during the transient period before the pump reaches the full operating speed. The slide bearings are oil lubricated with forced lubricating system consisting of auxiliary oil pump, oil filter and cooler. The pumps are equipped with mechanical seals.

Typically, Z type pumps are delivered with auxiliaries such as: suction filter, minimal flow valve, pressure gauges, temperature and vibration sensors.

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K and WK type pumps are designed as condensate extraction pumps for thermal power plants. Due to their good suction properties they can be also applied in any other cases when extremely low NPSH is available.


Vertical, multistage pumps installed in a can. The suction and delivery flanges are arranged horizontally on opposite sides of the pumps. Water from the suction flange is directed to the bottom of the can in order to provide an increased suction head. The first stage impeller, installed on the lower end of the vertical shaft is of special design with improved suction properties. In larger pump sizes a double- suction first stage impeller is applied. The radial bearings submerged in water are slide type and the axial thrust bearing is roller type, oil lubricated. Mechanical seal is applied.

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P type pumps are applicable in any case when high capacity is required at low head.

Typically P type pumps are applied as cooling water pumps in power plants with external source of cooling water and in melioration pumping stations.


P-type pumps are vertical, axial flow propeller pumps.The pump inlet is at the bottom of the pump. Impellers are assembled on the end of the vertical shaft. Water flows through the vane diffuser and then through the vertical column along the shaft with radial bearings lubricated by the pumped water. The delivery flange is directed horizontally over the floor on which the pump is supported. The axial bearing mounted over the elbow leading to the delivery flange is a roller type for smaller sizes and Mitchell type for bigger pumps. The axial bearings are oil lubricated and cooled by water if necessary. For smaller pumps the motor is supported on the pump, while for biggest units it is assembled on a separate floor.

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The B pumps are designed to handle hot, clean and slightly contaminated water. They can be applied in water supply systems, industrial cooling systems, and, for the ability to pump hot water, in district heating and power plants.


Stationary, horizontal, double suction, horizontally split pumps. The suction and delivery flanges are arranged horizontally in-line. The upper part of the casing can be lifted and the entire rotating assembly can be taken out for repair without disconnecting the pump from the pipelines. The oil-lubricated roller bearings and the mechanical seals installed on both sides of the shaft are equipped with cooling chambers, so the pumps are able to handle hot fluids.

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The A-P10 pumps are designed to handle petrochemical and chemical products of high temperature and pressure. Due to the robust design, apart from the basic application in petrochemical and chemical plants the A-P10 pumps can be applied in any industry where hot or toxic fluids under high pressure are to be pumped, such as, for example, power plants or district heating plants. Due to the compliance with Atex directive the A-P10 pumps can operate in areas where hazard of explosion is present.


Single stage, horizontal, end suction pumps with own bearings designed according to API 610 standard 1 edition – OH2 type. All the dimensions and design features are compliant with the standard.The design is also in compliance with Atex directive. The A-P10 pumps are equipped with large seal chamber providing space to install any required mechanical seal configuration (API plan). If necessary the pumps can be equipped with heating or cooling jackets or with inducers to improve the suction properties. The design of the pumps of different sizes is unified – there are four standard bearings assemblies and seal chambers which can be combined with different wet ends. Such a unification reduces the quantity of spare parts to be stored and eases the maintenance.

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Submersible pumps NZ type are designated to handle mixtures of water with solids of dimensions up to 15 mm for 6NZ15 pump, 10 mm for 6NZ18 pump and 32 mm for 10NZ22 pump. The density of pumped mixture must not exceed 1200 kg/m3.

Typical applications:

for local dewatering in coal, ore and minerals mines as well as in power industry.


Submersible, vertical single-stage centrifugal pumps. The impeller is installed directly on the shaft end of a submersible electric motor. Motor is assembled over the pump. The hydraulic assembly is located under the motor and is separated from it by a mechanical seal in an oil chamber. The pump inlet is located at the axis under the pump and the delivery flange is directed horizontally, perpendicularly to the axis.

The motors are of IP 68 protection class and are designed to operate in submergence up to 20 m. A support is provided in lower part the pump in order to place the pump on the sump bottom.

The pump sets are equipped with electric protection systems against overload and dry-run. Bearing temperature sensors are provided.

Pumps can be equipped with motors for various supply voltages 400V, 500V, 660V, 1140V and switchable 500V/1000V. The pumps are compliant with ATE X directive and are certified for operation in explosion hazardous areas – I M2c Ex dI. Mb.

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Pumps on the right side of power

Electricity is indispensable for modern society. It is obvious yet only few know how important pumps are in electricity generation process. To ensure continuous power supply they have to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for several tens of years. Nearly one hundred of power plants and CHP plants in Poland and abroad are equipped with pumps of Grupa Powen-Wafapomp SA. Throughout many years of operation they have proven their reliability and electrical efficiency

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Mine of pumping technology

Hundreds of metres underground. Millions of cubic metres of chemically aggressive water coming out of the rocks. Safety of thousands of mine workers depends on the reliability of pumps. And our pumps never fail. More than 100 underground and open-pit mines are equipped with pumps supplied by Grupa Powen-Wafapomp SA. Thousands of our pumps used in underground and open-pit mines make the work of miners safer.

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